Some Thoughts on Mary Meeker's Internet Trends 2019

Mary Meeker is a venture capitalist whose work focuses primarily on the internet and new technologies. Each year she produces a report about internet trends - both looking back and looking forward. It is always highly anticipated you can check out this year’s here. Below are some of my key takeaways after reading:

  • Rising cost in user acquistion (33%) - its becoming more expensive to acquire users and it is unsustainable to keep maintaining customer acquisition costs that are higher than lifetime value.
  • Growth is slowing
    • Internet
    • Ecommerce
    • Ad Revenue
    • Online platforms (especially facebook)
      • except youtube and instagram
  • India and China have about half their population not online
  • Mobile advertising has surpassed desktop advertising.
  • Programmatic ad buying is driving down the price of ads across the board and this trend continues
  • Mobile usage is starting to exceed TV usage
  • Image creation and sharing is huge and continues to grow.
  • Freemium business models outside of gaming are just getting started (Spotify, Zoom etc.) Anticipate innovation and growth in this approach.
  • Great Y/Y growth in cloud
  • Those doing well are frequently using more and more data to make decisions and drive business.
  • From consumers there is a growing concern about privacy as well as too much device usage.
  • On demand services are growing rapidly (e.g. Doordash, solv, telehealth).
  • There is a slight uptick in remote workers.
  • Rapid growth in online learning - Universities and traditional learning is set for disruption.
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