The 50th Law

John de Havilland bio photo By John de Havilland Comment

Just finished reading The 50th Law by Robert Greene and 50 Cent. Yes, 50 Cent. Mainly Robert Greene using 50 Cent as an example for his 50th Law - having already written about the 48 laws of power. (Not quite sure what happened to the 49th).

Still, it was an easy read and focused on the 50th law which was essentially - learn to be fearless. Using 50 Cent and his brush with death as a key driving force - the book mainly reinforced the message that life is to short to be out their in a quandary, dilly-dallying around. Despite the fact that the parallels between a criminal drug dealer and the entrepreneurial spirit are tentative at best, the book makes some salient, if rather common sense, points that allow you to step back and refocus.

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